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The Dangers of Explosive Training

The Risk Factor As with any physical activity there, exists an element of risk with strength training. However, with judicious care, these can be minimised. There exists a preponderance of evidence that explosive weight training movements carry a high risk of injury, both acutely and cumulatively, to muscle tissue, fascia, connective tissue and bony structures. […]

High Intensity Training & Aerobic Conditioning

Why Not Aerobics?? “Aerobic” exercise is not the most effective form of exercise for fat loss. Steady-state activities such as running, cycling, dancing etc do not burn a significant number of calories. One pound of fat can fuel the body for up to 10 hours of continuous activity. “Aerobic” activity is simply inefficient for this […]

The Role of Muscular Damage in Growth Stimulation

Although muscle damage may contribute in some way to muscle growth there is no evidence that there is a quantitative relationship between the two, in other words, more muscle damage does not equal more muscle growth. Surprisingly the muscle damage done during endurance based aerobic exercise is far greater than that done during resistance exercise. […]

High Intensity Strength Training

More Aerobic than “Aerobics” by Greg Anderson The most common question asked by our new personal training clients at Ideal Exercise is: “Where are the treadmills and stationary bicycles?”. Most have never heard that great benefits to the cardiovascular system, commonly referred to as “aerobic fitness”, can be had through a program of high-intensity strength […]