Personal Training

Are you tired of spending hours in the gym or classes with nothing in the way of meaningful results?


By training for approximately 30-45mins every 4 to 7 days you can achieve maximum results in muscle shape, development, and body fat loss.

By applying the principles of productive exercise and optimum nutrition you can see consistent progress workout to workout with minimum time spent in the gym.

What is included in my PT Packages?

  • Progression monitoring workout to workout
  • Nutritional Analysis – By optimising your nutritional intake I can help you achieve the results you want as well as improving your health.
  • Metabolic Typing – By determining your body’s preferred fuel sources improved health and weight loss can be achieved.
  • Body Composition testing – This is a more accurate way to monitor body fat loss and muscle gain – NOT THE SCALES!!
  • Nutritional coaching – by helping you to make any necessary changes to your food intake you can maximise the results from your training.