Part of looking and feeling good is having lower levels of body fat. And if we listened to online gurus, we might be mistaken for thinking that this is very hard. Should we consume wholegrain carbohydrates or none at all? Should we consume saturated fats to build muscle and lose fat, or are they going to cause heart disease? Most people fall into very firm camps, which recently is that carbohydrates are “bad” and saturated fats are “good”.

Then we get onto diets. Open up Google and look for the best diet to suit your goals, and you are bombarded with different options. Should we follow the Paleo lifestyle and eat exactly like our ancestors did (despite the fact that none of the foods we eat today resemble foods they ate)? Or we could drink our morning coffee with half a stick of butter. What about intermittent fasting? All these diets have their proponents, all of whom are certain that their diet is the best and the most effective.

All of this leads to confusion.


By taking a mouth swab DNA test I can tell you:

  • What proportions of Proteins, Fats, and Carbohydrates you need
  • If you have a greater need for certain vitamins and minerals
  • If you have a greater need for Omega 3 fats
  • If you are lactose intolerant
  • If you are caffeine sensitive
  • If you have a faster or slower recovery from exercise
  • What type of exercise is more productive for you

The above then allows me to tailor your training and nutrition to your specific needs.

Not only can eating for your genetic makeup help you achieve your goals, but can also improve your health.

It has been shown that those who follow a genetically matched training and nutrition program not only improve their results 3-fold but also maintain those results.

DNAFit® Test